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Service Approach

Heffernan Financial Services offers our clients a process to identify, qualify and quantify their objectives, while uncovering both opportunities and barriers to those objectives. By listening, simplifying complex data, integrating relevant expertise, and educating, we are able to deliver tailored solutions that match our clients’ values. Our goals based approach provides support and follow-up on a continuous basis to ensure our clients are receiving a world-class level of service. Quarterly review meetings are a key component of our process where we provide clients with a detailed financial reporting package that gives them a comprehensive view of their financial status.


Step 1

For individuals, we begin with an explanatory meeting to discuss your financial planning issues and investment expectations and to introduce our investment management philosophy. For corporations, we meet to discuss your corporate services needs. Based on information gathered at this meeting we develop a detailed wealth management proposal for individuals, addressing both your investment management and planning needs. For corporations, we benchmark your plan to industry averages to determine where the plan can be improved and create a proposal based on quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Step 2

At our second meeting, your wealth management team will present the proposal and explain it thoroughly. Subsequently, if you decide to become a client, we provide you with an individualized investment policy statement and, with your approval, implement the recommendations made in our proposal.

Step 3

Your wealth management team monitors your plan regularly. When we meet with you on a quarterly basis, we measure performance, compare the results to market standards, and recommend adjustments as your personal or corporate situation or market conditions dictate. Each quarter, you receive our client newsletter and comprehensive performance reports that apprise you of the returns your plan has achieved, as well as a market summary explaining current trends. Periodically, we send you special mailings on timely and newsworthy issues.

Step 4

This step involves our annual fiduciary review. For our individual clients, we discuss your comprehensive financial plan and personal investment policy statement. For our corporate clients, we review investment performance, expenses, your investment policy statement, education objectives and service initiatives.